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Iceland is your Gateway to Canada from several major cities in Europe.

Travel on Icelandair with an overnight stay in Reykjavik and then onward to Boston. You can rent a car in Boston and drive to our Gateway properties in Maine to begin you Atlantic Canadian motoring adventure.

Much of Iceland is still taking shape before your very eyes - raw, dramatic landscapes born from volcanic eruptions and carved out by glaciers. Other parts have hardly changed since the first Viking settlers saw them more than 1100 years ago. You'll experience wilderness and wildlife, energy and total calm, within easy reach wherever you stay, even on day trips.

Iceland means new and different things for you to see and do, whatever the season. Every part of the year has its own special attractions, character and charm. And don't let the name deceive you - Iceland can be very warm in summer when the sun shines virtually round the clock, while January temperatures are around 0C.

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